The other day I was asked if my spending spree was going to reach its conclusion anytime soon. I was reluctant to give a definite answer, but with the most recent purchase, it has actually stopped dead in its tracks for a while.

After years of searching the Internet thin (and after years of losing bidding wars) for a small stereo that I had set my sights on something like 10 to 12 years ago, I finally located that singular one in the Netherlands, pretty much in as pristine a condition one can find these components in nowadays. A (second) pair of Boston Acoustics A-26 is on the road as well at a greatly reduced second-hand price.

The whole thing took a while (“all things come to those who wait”), simply because I had strictly limited my budget for it, but four units clocking in at a total of 18 kilos are finally going to arrive at my front door (if the never-ending postal strike doesn’t throw a wrench in it) within the next fourteen days or so.

At 28.5 (cm/width) and up to 31.9 (cm/depth), these four components have actually been termed “mini”, but they really aren’t. With a solid aluminum front, full metal dials, huge transformers, caps array, as well as dual mono power amps with four transistors for each channel (and that’s just the amp), we are talking a quality product that simply isn’t manufactured like that anymore. Today, if at all, you would probably have to pay ten times as much for anything that could be termed “comparable” in build quality (for one component).  And, by the way, that’s pretty much equivalent to the list price my new acquisitions clocked in at more than a decade ago.

I’ll keep you updated.

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