Month: September 2016

The new Lenovo Yoga Book (August 2016).

Lenovo Yoga Book

When the Lenovo Yoga Book was launched in Berlin on August 31, 2016, it immediately shot to the #1 spot on my shopping list. Lots of items have landed there without ever being purchased, but

Tyrion Lannister.

Tyrion Lannister

From the second he appeared on screen for the first time, Game of Throne’s Tyrion Lannister, excellently portrayed by Peter Dinklage, has been very close to my cynical heart. His observations are always spot-on and

Game of Thrones (emblems).

Winter Is Coming …

In Germany, one currently only seems to have two choices, either sub-tropical temperatures for weeks on end or grey skies and endless rain. We used to have normal days in between (ages ago), but they