Month: November 2015

Devialet "Phantom".

Devialet “Phantom”

What you are looking at is a speaker. And a controversial one at that. Controversial because owners of audiophile speakers costing tens of thousands of dollars are already spreading their hate around the Net. Why,


Works Like a Charm

Took me about one year of patient sniping, but here it is, snugly placed between the SA-14S1 and my Dual 510 (“Special Edition”). For outsiders, the change is minute, for insiders … that much more



Click. 🙂


When Carlo Schmid, a renowned politician and member of the Social Democratic Party, died in 1979, two parliamentarians, saddened by the loss, decided to simply invent – on the back of a napkin – a

George Duke. Illusions. Warner Bros. Records, 1995.


Whenever I test new equipment, the first track that’s thrown at it is “Genesis” from George Duke’s album, “Illusions” (George Duke. Illusions. Warner Bros. Records, 1995, 9-45755-2). If the player, the amp or the speakers

Piggy bank.

Happy Go Lucky

These last many years I have have felt exceedingly happy & lucky about the fact that I simply never had any money that I could have gambled away in an increasingly insane economy. Not a