Month: October 2015

Karlsruhe market square.

Exitus: Karlsruhe

Ever since people decided that they wanted to have tram tunnels in the center of Karlsruhe, the city I used to frequent has turned into a massive construction site strangling smaller retailers and scaring people

Marantz PM-14S1.


“All good things come to those who wait.” With the new “Marantz PM-14S1 Special Edition” replacing the regular “Marantz PM-14S1” on the shelves across Germany, prices for the slightly older model have dropped significantly these

Norse Intelligence Platform.

The Silent War

If you were a fan of Wargames (1983) way back when, with intercontinental ballistic missiles zapping across NORAD monitors, V.1 of the Norse Intelligence Platform (although it is a resource hog) should be just up

Gino Vannelli's albums.

Gino Vannelli

The other day I noticed that I had almost every album Gino Vannelli released between 1973 and 2015 in my collection, so I (once again) indulged in a binge-listening session these past few days. Vannelli

Spinning Wheel.

… Back Again

Holidays have a knack for reducing the activity of my metabolism to near zero levels. When work forces the motor to spin up again, all of the available energy is usually drained by that until,