Month: June 2015

New in July.


The other day I was asked if my spending spree was going to reach its conclusion anytime soon. I was reluctant to give a definite answer, but with the most recent purchase, it has actually

Cool drinks for hot days.


A “subtropical heatwave” has been announced for the next few days. I live just below the roof and expect this one to be a real killer. Time to keep the drinks cool and the windows

Markthalle, Stuttgart.

Lugana DOC & Astoria IGT

One of the highlights of this past weekend in Stuttgart was – once again – a stroll through the “Markthalle“, shopping for an evening of excellent Italian cheeses and (red) wine. Luckily, it was raining

Porsche Plaza (© Kay Gaensler).

On the Road Again ..

On my way to the city of fast cars, sun (at least for this weekend), good cocktails and good food (I hope). Finally, some real time off! — Photo © Kay Gaensler

Status Quo. Piledriver. Vertigo records, 1972.


After much deliberation I have come to the conclusion that Status Quo’s “Piledriver” was definitely the most important album of my (early) youth. Released in 1972, I don’t think there is a single note on



Just in case you have no idea what that acronym means, it stands for “German American Partnership Program“. I have never actively participated in it, simply because I am the only German without a driver’s