Month: May 2015

Braun PS500.

Braun PS500 (1968)

There is an almost limitless number of great vintage turntables available today, especially if you are willing to pay the steadily rising prices for these models, which, by the way, blow many of the far

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Vintage record player.
The Teac TN-300 turntable.

To Tide Me Over

OK, laugh out loud if you like, but until I can finally get hold of the one turntable (TT from here on) I have been lusting after forever (without success), I needed one to keep

Sennheiser HD-600

Quite a while ago, I wrote extensively about the Beyerdynamic T-90 headphones and why I chose them. In that post I also hinted at getting, one day in the future, a slightly more “forgiving” pair

Father's Day.


It’s “Father’s Day” here in Germany today. Since very early this morning, hordes of totally tanked representatives of the male species have been rolling around town, both with and without vehicles, usually accompanied by someone

Sansui Au-X1.

Vintage HiFi

I could write up a steam, but I don’t have the time. I’m a big fan of vintage HiFi equipment, as are many, many other people on this planet. It has nothing to do with