Month: April 2015

Thanks, but no thanks

CD’s? – Really?

I know one is immediately relegated to the “Grammar Nazi” corner, especially by those who know they can’t get a grip on their or any other language and love to hide behind their passive-aggressive behavior

Bristol Music Center (Copenhagen, Denmark).

Bristol Music Center (Copenhagen)

Iconic. Most of my readers will probably see an age-old photo of some street somewhere, but what I and many friends can see is the only photo available on the Internet of the iconic “Bristol


Wine, Wine, Wine!

This past weekend it was time to replenish my rather depleted wine reservoir (only red wines left, mostly), especially because one of my favorite vineyards had sent out a mail announcing the grand opening of

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Ludwigsburg (01).

Ludwigsburg (impressions)

Germany does actually have some nice corners. The first real spring day of 2015 (the first day that actually had some consistently warm weather to write home about), I spent in Ludwigsburg, a city with

Marantz Sa14-S1 (maybe).

Marantz SA14-S1 Problems

I have posted extensively on my relatively recent purchase of the Marantz SA14-S1 on this site, an SACD/CD player that has been showered with accolades across the board. And a great player it is. I

Rearranging music.


Because it is a sunny Sunday morning and motivation is unusually strong, I have finally gotten around to rearranging the very tail end of my collection, 60 or 70 meters down the line, which consists