Month: February 2015

Albert Cummings.

Albert Cummings Weekend

Albert Cummings weekend is coming up. In fact, it has just started. I have loads of blues here, but ever since I discovered him one or two years ago, I have started buying into everything

The Fly (1958).

Scared Sh*tless

A while ago, I talked about moments that stay with you forever. In the 1970s, my dad was perhaps the first person on our street that got himself a video recorder, one of those old

Supertramp. Crime of the Century. 40th Anniversary edition.

Crime of the Century

Ray Staff at Air Studios, London, did an excellent remastering job on this 40th anniversary edition. Don’t listen to some Amazon reviewers who, because on the respective audiophile forums everyone disputed their assertions, headed over

Leonard Simon Nimoy (1931-2015).

Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015)

Spock was cool before it became cool to be cool. Star Trek was the first TV series I obsessively watched. And who would have thought way back when that the President of the United States

Mixing console.

Digital Reverb

“Digital reverb is not an instrument!” – n.n.  

Sick as a dog.

Current State