Month: January 2015

And silence ...

And silence …

… for a while. Time to correct my students’ final exams which amounts to reading a large number of pages, several times over. I’m looking forward to reading it all and hope everyone did well.

Ram (deluxe edition).

Yeah, I know …

It was cheap (and wasn’t anymore a few hours later). Although many people violently disagree, I always thought London Town (1978) was McCartney’s best album, simply because it entered my life when I was having

Cacique. Ron Anejo. Venezuela.

Loaded up on …

That should be enough for the next few weeks …

Christopher Hogwood. The Bach Recordings. Decca/Editions de L'oiseau-Lyre. January 2015 (20 CDs).

The Bach Recordings

To complete my trilogy of Christopher Hogwood boxed sets (Vivaldi and Haydn were the first two), I snatched this one (Christopher Hogwood. The Bach Recordings. Decca/Editions de L’oiseau-Lyre. January 2015, 20 CDs) up on

Jim Flora cover for "This Is Benny Goodman" (rejected).

Jim Flora

I love record covers. Jim Flora was amongst the best of the best when it came to producing a stream of high-quality and extremely unique and immediately recognizable covers. This one here, unfortunately, was a

Saxon. Wheels of Steel (1980).

Saxon Day

Yes, I know, they had that poser attitude on display more often than I would have liked (Biff Byford in Spandex), they weren’t everyone’s cup of tea and the critics didn’t always let them off