Month: December 2014

Lanzarote (summer 2014).

Happy New Year!

It was a good year. It was a difficult year at times. Most things stayed the same. Others didn’t. It brought one monumental change for me. It was a classical (music) year. It was a

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Too many CDs.

Bring It On Home

A cover gallery showing most of the pop, blues and jazz music I bought in 2014.

Too many CDs.

A Classical Year

A cover gallery showing most of the classical music I bought in 2014.

Earth, Wind & Fire. I Am. Columbia, 1979.

I Am

Earth, Wind & Fire’s “I Am” (Columbia, 1979) is still one of my absolutely favorite releases from the middle/late 1970s. I am rediscovering it again via their “Complete Columbia Albums” (Sony/Columbia 2011) boxed set, but


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone, wherever you are!



There is nothing more liberating and sentimental than the sound of a closing door that you will never open again. – Vitaly Friedman