Month: September 2014

Arthur C. Clarke.

Arthur C. Clarke on Manuals

Reading computer manuals without the hardware is as frustrating as reading sex manuals without the software. – Arthur C. Clarke



Without a WLAN, setting up a new Samsung S5 can be … draining. 2GB … and counting. Time to get a bandwidth upgrade after 1 single day. Yay.

Boston Acoustics (A26) shelf speakers.

(+) Boston Acoustics A26

Well, if you don’t want them anymore, I’ll take them. Bought second-hand, at less than half the price (new), to add to my secondary system (“Little Terrorist”) in the hallway. “This chunky-looking standmounting speaker is

Samsung S5.

(+) Going Mobile …

Well, I gave up my resistance and got with the program.


Start Here

This is going to be my Facebook replacement after I have been getting seriously tired of wasting time on cute rabbits, auto-playing videos, inanity and other debilitating aspects these past months. Do drop by once