2014 … was a good year, albeit not for this website. Deus62.com was always meant for the longer posts (many people would attach the tl;dr tag to them), but I had neither the time nor the inclination to write many of those as the archives on here show.

2014 … was the year in which I diversified my online presence a bit. I am writing a lot of shorter posts over on http://deus62.de, the site you should bookmark if you want to keep up with what I am up to, and, once in a while when they turned out nice by accident, I post some photos over on http://photos.volkher-hofmann.de.

2014 … saw my collection grow by leaps and bounds, especially in the classical music department. Amazon Italy had so many good offers and, supplemented with other sales around the various Amazon sites as well as jpc.de, I was able to add hundreds of excellent CDs to my collection for next to nothing. Record labels seem to think that the end of CD era has been reached and they’re throwing a gigantic music potlach, selling music in boxed sets for a Euro or two per CD that once was all but unaffordable … or simply unavailable. Altogether, in 2013 and 2014 I was able to amass a solid collection of classical music that covers the bases I was interested in. Let’s see what the next few years will have up their sleeves.

2014 … was also the year in which I plugged some glaring holes in my collection, adding some music I had been waiting for quite a while until it became affordable or available in worthwhile editions, boxed sets that replaced and/or supplemented single issues of some artists’ output I already had, or jumping on single or boxed set releases that were too cheap to pass up. Still, when compared to previous years, not all that that much was added to the pop/rock/blues department. I do think I have most of what I wanted to have when I started out ages ago.

2014 … was an electronics year for me. I added new headphones, a separate smaller stereo (Marantz M-CR603 + Boston Acoustics A26) to my hallway/lounge that I found myself spending more time in than usually and, finally, a headphone amp (Beyerdynamic A20) for my main stereo to give the new headphones a substantial boost.

2014 … was also the year I went wireless, opting out of WiFi and whatnot and going for the Audiofly system that is such a breeze to set up that it didn’t take me more than 5 minutes to get the sound rolling through my apartment. Currently, I have a transmitter hooked up to my PC (and its tons of lossless rips) and one receiver connected to each stereo. The transmitter, a deceptively simple USB stick, installs itself as a sound driver and bypasses the Windows audio system to transmit to up to 4 receivers around my apartment. There is absolutely no noticeable delay and I am totally satisfied with the system. Setting it up requires connecting it to a power source and an amplifier or active speaker pair and pressing a button once or twice. That’s it.

2014 … saw me join the smartphone population. Until September of 2014 I was able to avoid having to zombify myself but too many people and colleagues were complaining about my resistance. So, I joined up with a Samsung S5 to which I immediately added a small portable Topping NX1 headphone amp, which certainly helped the overall experience. I still try to stay away from all the time sink applications and have even logged out of Facebook permanently. Actually, to be quite honest, I enjoy my new-found online mobility tremendously.


2015 … will be the year in which I complete my wireless setup at home. I am about to purchase a pair of Nubert A300 active speakers for my office desk to which I will connect the third and probably last Audiofly receiver. Those speakers are positively huge, but reviews have been unanimously excellent. I guess I can do with 45 centimeters less on my desk. All the setup requires is a major rearrangement of monitor, printers and scanner, … I hope I have enough power to drive it all without blowing a fuse or two.

2015 … will hopefully be the year in which I finish cataloging my music collection. After having given the various music cataloging programs a try time and again, I have given up, simply because half of my collection isn’t available in the various databases attached to those programs. I have too much stuff other people do not listen to. So, I decided to create a small (private and password-protected) website which I can access via my Samsung S5. It’s a lot of work but, when I got into the flow of things, it started to glide along nicely. If you want to have a look at some screenshots, here you go.

2015 … will probably be a year like all the other ones, a year in which I wanted to buy less music but ended up buying too much. People always ask me if I have time to listen to it all and the answer is always a resounding … “mostly“. Sometimes I don’t even know what to listen to because I have the feeling I have heard it all a million times, but that isn’t true, of course. A lot of music is napping, waiting to be (re)discovered and I am – once again – looking forward to that.

The other day, and I guess that might be your experience too, I once again discovered that when pressed for time I always go for a selection from the same 50 to 100 CDs that have been in constant rotation since I got them or first discovered the music sometime along my 52-year long timeline.
I think there might be a post in there somewhere.
For 2015.
On this site.
Stay tuned.


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Volkher Hofmann (deus62) has been blogging on and off since the 1990s and deus62.com is all that is left. He loves music, literature, drumming and, most of all, real life. He thinks the open web is much more important than social networks, closed-in ecosystems and other severely commercialized online endeavors.

  1. I downloaded a number of Mosaic OOP box set and Select discographies from Mosaic before they went out of print. Be glad to send you the ones I have that are missing from your web site. Please specific file format you want.



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