Month: December 2013

Gaps in the Timeline

When I was a kid, a minute or two away from teenage existence, I was a huge fan of Emerson, Lake & Palmer. I don’t know how many days, weeks and months I blasted their

Bristol Music Center

It’s an online world today. Even if you are only somewhat familiar with a web browser, there’s nary a thing you can’t get online, but because you can get just about everything your heart desires,

‘Nachtschatten’ & More

Around 1986 I started collecting what I like to call “Contemporary Horror Fiction” in earnest, despite the fact that when you start collecting, you don’t really limit yourself to an era but go beyond that,

Envato (top 10 nuisances)

Top 10 ThemeForest Nuisances

ThemeForest is probably the Internet’s most popular place to turn to if you need a theme, plugin or multimedia content for your website or nifty templates and whatnot for your print publications. It’s the place