Month: May 2008

"Trials and Tribulations": V

Trials and Tribulations (V)

The Shopping Nightmare I do 98% of all my music shopping online. I know that I’m helping the demise of the record store swiftly along, but I need to save cash to feed my habit(s)

Coltrane, John: "Fearless Leader" and "Interplay"

John Coltrane: “Fearless Leader” and “Interplay”

It’s been quite a while since I started a series entitled Trials and Tribulations. In that series, I wrote about things that can drive us collectors up the wall …and down again. At the time

German mail order company, Zweitausendeins (website - music category).

“Zweitausendeins” … And More

I know quite a few collectors who actually plan their shopping sprees. I used to do that too, at times, but today I neither look at my usual online haunts all that regularly nor do