Month: April 2008

The Human CD Holder.

Human CD Holders

The other day I ended up on Popgadget, which happens to be a site covering “Personal Tech + Innovative Life Style for Women”. I have no remembrance of how I landed on the site, but

Trio Pim Jacobs: "Come Fly With Me" (1982).

Trio Pim Jacobs: “Come Fly With Me”

I had never heard of Pim Jacobs when, unsuspecting, I accidentally hit one of those sites that discuss more obscure music releases or reissues and, although I can’t quite recall, the album was even offered

When Forums Go Bad.

When Forums Go Bad …

I remember having been online ever since the Web took shape in earnest. Early 90s, was it? That time I still sat at a university PC of the most solid kind, metal casing and all,