Month: June 2006

It's snowing ... on my piano.

It’s Snowing on My Piano

A Christmas album. Of all the CDs and LPs I have, the grand total certainly having passed the 5000 items mark, it just had to be a Christmas album that has stayed at #1 of

Collecting - A Cyclical Pattern.

Collecting: A Cyclical Pattern

I don’t know if I am special in this respect, but these past 10 to 20 years my collecting habits have taken on a cyclical pattern. This basically means that a specific collecting (and listening)

Benno and Billy dismembered.

Benno and Billy dismembered

Years ago we had a runaway bestseller over here in Germany trashing “Nieten in Nadelstreifen“, which translates best as “Losers in Pinstripe Suits“. It was a real hoot and basically gave a detailed account of