Month: May 2006

The Age of Mediocrity.

The Age of Mediocrity

I’m beginning to sound like our parents. Mine never really complained about what I was listening to, but it was often apparent that – despite being open-minded about everything I tormented their ears with –

Afterglow. David Brent Johnson knows his shit.

Afterglow! Jazz Radio at Its Best

Although I’ve ripped a large part of my collection to various internal and external drives, mostly for backup reasons, I don’t listen to it much on my PC. Considering the time I spent tagging the

Jarle Vespestad, one of Europe's very best drummers ... and musicians.

Jarle Vespestad: Musician

It has become far too rare a thing nowadays to be able to study three outstanding, highly-trained and eminently soulful musicians practicing their craft in front of an appreciative (but small) live audience. I treasure

Backing up on external hard drives.

Do you make backups?

If you are into collecting music as I am, there comes a time when you notice that some editions you managed to snatch up somewhere along the line have either disappeared or have reached a