Month: March 2006

Guilty Pleasures (sort of).

Guilty Pleasures: I

Being a frequent visitor of various music forums, especially those of the jazz kind, I know it’s best to keep one’s mouth shut when it comes to guilty pleasures. It won’t take long until people

Where Are the Beatles?

Note: Of course, since I wrote this post, the excellent Beatles stereo and mono masters have been released. I have added the original press release announcing those two box sets at the end of this

Vismara "Revolving Towers" (CD and DVD Storage)

Vismara’s Revolving Towers

Yes, I do have to admit to being anally retrentive when it comes around to keeping order in my stuff. After all, I am the person who has all of his books, films and CDs

Too loud!

Don’t Make Me Bleed!

When the age of the remastered CD dawned, I immediately jumped to attention and started replacing some of my favourite CDs with the new versions, no questions asked. You know, the ones with all those