Month: January 2006

CD-sleeves save space

CD Sleeves

As a collector it doesn’t take all that long to reach the point at which your marriage is in danger and your social life falls apart, and all of that just because you are running

Copy-protected CDs suck.

Dear Blue Note, Sony, and EMI

After many years of annoyance, today I have finally decided to stop buying your CDs. This decision didn’t come lightly and I can assure you that I thought long and hard about it, but the

Billie Holiday (Columbia).

The Complete Billie Holiday on Columbia

God, I don’t know how often I hit the various online shops to check for prices … until I managed to snatch up a copy for 60 Euro on In December of 2004, Christmas

IKEA "Benno" CD and DVD storage system

IKEA Benno gives more head

When I have a look at my site statistics (and to be quite honest, I rarely do that), I notice that my short description of using the IKEA Ivar system to store my CDs is

Ray Brown - Monty Alexander - Russell Malone.

Monty Alexander and Ray Brown

Once in a while CDs just sneak up on me. More often than not they have been lying around forever and suddenly, while crawling around in front of my jazz collection, which is housed in