Month: December 2005

Why I Do What I Do

Why I Do What I Do

After having covered many of the things that can bug a music collector like me in three different posts, I came across “I Heart Compact Discs” by Jared Christensen, a new 9rules member. It made

"Trials and Tribulations": III

Trials and Tribulations (III)

I already vented in part I and part II of this ongoing series on collecting insanity, but I’m far from finished. (21) The Long-Assed CD Booklet: That’s the one you get all too rarely, but

"Trials and Tribulations": II

Trials and Tribulations (II)

In our first look at the many things that can drive a collector bonkers, we discussed terrible box sets, maddening stickers, irritating packaging, generic covers and stupid or incomplete liner notes, small print, and the