102.2 °F

For the past 5 days, my daily routine has looked like this:

  1. Get up between 04:30 and 05:00 in the mornings.
  2. Open all 7 windows up wide.
  3. Hope that cooler air from the outside will seep into my apartment.
  4. Wait for 3 hours and pray.
  5. Close everything up.
  6. Rinse. Repeat.

Here in Germany, people expect a new temperature record to be set today. The old one was set 12 years ago, on the 13th of August, 2003, with 40.2° Celcius (104.36° Fahrenheit) near Karlsruhe and Freiburg where I live.

This morning the temperatures were already in the upper 80s and reached the 90s in no time. Right now – and the day is far from over – we’re at 102° Fahrenheit.

This heatwave is expected to continue until around Thursday of next week.

Posted by Volkher Hofmann

Volkher Hofmann (deus62) has been blogging on and off since the 1990s and deus62.com is all that is left. He loves music, literature, drumming and, most of all, real life. He thinks the open web is much more important than social networks, closed-in ecosystems and other severely commercialized online endeavors.

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